Removal of Conditions on Green Card


Our Case Management services are provided by trusted immigration attorneys with years of experience and success in practicing USA immigration and nationality law. Your entire USCIS filing case is reviewed and you are provided legal guidance and case management.



· Your case will be fully reviewed by our in-house experienced immigration attorney to ensure the use of correct forms and filing.
· Up to 3-hours of legal advice, strategy, and form review.
· Our Immigration attorney to manage the completion, and filing (mailing) of your completed case to the USCIS on your behalf.
· Our Immigration attorney to Represent you before the USCIS.


  • Government filing fees, Request for evidence responses, travel expenses, background checks, appeals, courts Services, and waivers/pardons.
  • These items can be provided per client’s request.


These are estimates. Final costs will be determined when contract is signed.

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