Who is USCISfilingONLINE.com?

USCISfilingONLINE.com is online subdivision of NCSD Immigration Law offices. We created this web site to offer our worldwide clients the same quality of service and excellent results via the internet communications. We are not the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and not funded or affiliated with any U.S. agencies.

Why should I trust USCISfilingONLINE.com to help me with my immigration cases?

You should not trust anyone or any companies with your immigration cases. You should do your research, talk to the law firm’s staff, and meet them if you can. You should investigate many firms before deciding. We sincerely hope that after you have talked to many law firms and comparing them to our services and staff – you will decide to work with us.

What are the 10 languages that I can use to complete or interact with your online forms?

English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese,Korean.  We need to know your language of preference to enable this feature (default is English)

USCIS forms online are free, why do I need to use your services?

You are correct, the USCIS forms are available for free and online at: https://www.uscis.gov/.  Our services are NOT about selling forms – you can download forms for free.

We are here to assist you in completing the forms accurately, efficiently, and avoiding extremely costly mistakes. As a matter of fact, in many cases, due to the complexities of the U.S. Immigration laws, our clients use our services to help them to strategically decide the correct forms to use, complete the forms with the required evidence, and represent them before the USCIS.

What is the cost for our services? 

For Non-Detained (not in custody) cases, our fees could be as low as $250 (form review only).  For cases with a longer processing time, our clients can expect discounts base on various factors or benefit from our monthly payments from as low $350/month.  Call us for details 760-304-6936

Some ONLINE services have cheap pricing? Why do your services cost more?

It is true that everyone likes to pay as little as possible for any services. However, you should be careful. Cost should not be the deciding factor on which company to use.

Some websites / companies are NOT legally authorized by laws to offer immigration legal advice because they are NOT law firms. They are services companies trying to complete immigration forms for the very simple cases. Their services are barely more than just filling out forms (forms that you can get for free as indicated above). Any cases involving immigration or criminal violations, they will have to refer your case to immigration attorneys. By then, the costs will be more than what you saw at first.

At USCISfilingONLINE, we are an Immigration Law Firm. This web site is our online of our existing and trusted NCSD Immigration Law Offices (NCSDimmigration.com). There is no referring you out. There are no restrictions on the various immigration legal solution(s) that we can advice and provide to our clients. Furthermore, our pricing for simple cases is extremely competitive. Most importantly, our pricing reflects the quality of care of our services to our clients.